Formerly known as the Rose Home North, the Rose Garden Recovery Community is a not for profit ministry whose mission is to transform the lives of women held captive by drug and alcohol addiction by providing a safe and structured Christian community for guiding and equipping individual pursuit of free, sober, and productive living.

You are not alone.

Substance Abuse Disorder affects every community, and does not discriminate on age, gender, wealth, or educational ability.  It can devastate families and communities through the damage caused by an addicts' behavior, and even death.

The national and state statistics are scary. Too many each year are battling with this addiction.  No matter how long the battle has been, or the type of substance abused, there is hope!

Options for recovery include the following:

-  Detox Units

-  Rehabilitation Programs

-  Residential Programs (such as those we offer)

-  Professional therapy

-  Recovery Coaching or Peer Counseling

-  Community based support such as Celebrate Recovery, or AA/NA

A Case Manager or Recovery Coach can help you ascertain which options

Who Am I?


Put simply, we believe that every person on earth is someone with incredible value.  Why? Because they were created by God.  A God who loves people so much that He chose to enter the world to redeem humanity by dying on a cross as a sacrifice for sin.  This act of love won a victory for humanity.  We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life; providing redemption, freedom, to all who believe in Him.

We are a Christian ministry that holds to the value of each person - regardless of background, regardless of felonies, and regardless of addiction.  This means that in our programs you can expect to be valued, treated with respect, and loved.

As a Christian ministry we will equip women with materials to understand who God says they are; how precious, how loved.  It is our hope that while a woman is in our program that they encounter this truth in a profound and life-changing way.  We do not however force anyone to agree with our beliefs.  Our residential program is open to any woman who is ready for a journey of recovery - regardless of personal faith backgrounds.



Our vision is to see women remain in recovery as they successfully reunite with family, return to their community, and establish healthy relationships.



Our homes are just that; homes.  We seek to provide a safe, caring environment where women can recognize the value and potential that God sees in them.



Recovery is not a one-size fits all. That is why we offer:

  - Community Services

  - Residential Program

  - Transitional/Graduate Home

  - Aftercare